Nik Colk Void

VHS Head / Teresa Winter / DJ Cataclyst

Nik Colk Void at Golden Cabinet

Hot on the heels of our February show (which sold out in 24 hours!), we thought we’d spring another one on you lovely people. So we’re over the moon to announce that on April 1st (and no, this isn’t an April Fools joke!) we’re back at our beloved Kirkgate Centre in Shipley with more ear candy to blow your minds - before you’ve even recovered from Harrga, Broken Bone, Nat Sharp and Andrea Parker in Feb.

Bringing the noise and tantalising yer lugs on this occasion will be Nik Colk Void (Editions Mego), VHS Head (Skam), and Teresa Winter (The Death of Rave). Hope to see you there with your faces melting into the speakers.

Team GC


Nik Colk Void

To say that Nikki Colk aka Nik Colk Void has been a busy artist over recent years would be an understatement. She first emerged as a member of noise pop band Kaito, was then half of post-industrial/post-punk techno outfit Factory Floor, is one third of Carter Tutti Void (alongside Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle), recorded a stunning album as NPVR alongside the late Peter Rehberg (R.I.P), is in Brood X Cycles with Alexander Tucker, and more besides. In 2022 we finally got a solo record from her - the dazzling ‘Bucked Up Space’ on Rehberg’s legendary Editions Mego label. The album firmly established her as a strong musical voice outside of her collaborations and affirmed a very personal musical language as a solo artist. It featured in several end-of-year lists, including The Quietus and Bleep, and is a deliciously infectious work born of live performances and a love of beat-propelled music. It displayed a masterful use of repetition, negative space, melody, tension, and nuance. Inside Nik Colk Void’s musical world, there’s no shortage of irresistible dancefloor grooves, with hypnotic rhythms and mesmerising synths operating at the intersection of techno, electro and avant-garde electronix. 

VHS Head

We're stoked to have Blackpool's Ade Blacow aka VHS Head joining us on the bill, premiering his new live set and material from his imminent album 'Phocus'. VHS Head has been a regular fixture on Manchester's esteemed Skam label since 2009 with his unique brand of holographic electronica. His source material is derived entirely from his gargantuan collection of VHS tapes, meticulously spending late nights scouring tapes for samples which he edits into mind-blowingly intricate arrangements. Utilising everything from straight-to-video schlock, B-movies, and ‘70s and ‘80s horror and sci-fi, he transforms his raw material into tracks that are the sonic equivalent of lurid cathode-ray tube images. The VHS Head sound is a fractured dreamworld that blurs the past into the future with hypnagogic, psychedelic effect. He’s also gonna be bringing his eye-popping visuals and all.

Teresa Winter

Teresa Winter quietly emerged from the underground with a couple of below-the-radar tapes before dropping three remarkable albums on The Death Of Rave. Those records firmly and deservedly raised her profile, culminating in features in The Wire magazine and The Quietus. Teresa is a true sonic explorer that incorporates everything from lush dreampop, field recordings, processed violin, warped avant-pop, lo-fi tape recordings, synth, ambient noise, mangled samples, sensual vocals, musique concrète, sound collage, rave and jungle fragments and more into a deeply personal form of psychedelia, occasionally with psychogeographical or ritual like qualities. We have literally no idea what to expect from her live performance at Golden Cabinet, making it all the more exciting.

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