Nat Sharp Presents SPUME / Andrea Parker / Broken Bone

Harrga at Golden Cabinet

SOLD OUT. This show sold out in 24 hours.

On the 25th of February 2023, Golden Cabinet returns to Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre to tear your soul apart. Once again, we’ve scoured the depths of the underground to present an evening of sonic pleasure and pain.

O children, come into the light and feast with us…

Broken Bone

We’ve managed to blag Broken Bone to crawl out of the void for an ultra-rare live performance. The duo of Daz Quayle (Black Labs/SCSI/IL.EK.TRO, Scarletron) and Tony Snowden’s remarkably foreboding ‘Willowbrook’ record on Andrea Parker’s Aperture label still gives us the fear around these parts. Their sound wields a deeply unsettling, ominous tension that’s something approaching the paranoid psychosis of bad trip inside a Lynchian nightmare. Expect meticulous, vanta black sound design at the intersection of bleakest dystopian electronix and noise. Every comedown you’ve ever had, happening all at once.

Andrea Parker

Living legend Andrea Parker will be joining us as a very special guest DJ. Since the mid-90s Andrea has been a relentlessly creative force… Her numerous releases on Mo’ Wax and DJ-Kicks mix are classics. Alongside Daz Quayle she re-interpreted pioneering archive material from BBC Radiophonic Workshop founder Daphne Oram into the future classic 'Private Dreams and Public Nightmares' album. The immaculate curation of her Touchin’ Bass and Aperture labels have left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. 

Andrea is an impeccable selector, blurring the boundaries and joining the dots between everything from musique concrète, noise, hip-hop, electro, dark ambient, drum & bass and beyond. We're also pretty certain she's the only person on planet earth to have remixed Phillip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steve Reich, and Depeche Mode. Whoa. 


Harrga (‘a burn’ in the Moroccan Darija dialect) is the duo of Miguel Prado and Dali de Saint Paul, however, on this occasion Dali will be performing a special Harrga set solo. The project pays tribute to the ‘Harragas’ (refugees who illegally cross borders, losing their identity after they must burn their papers). Alongside a chilling backdrop of avant-garde electronics, Dali’s thrillingly intense vocal catharsis makes us hang on every word. A refreshingly original, utterly unique band that we can only describe as something like if Diamanda Galás had joined Whitehouse. Check out their ‘Héroïques Animaux De La Misère’ LP on Bristol's infamous Avon Terror Corps label for a bitter taste.

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